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In many buildings, the most likely cause of exceptionally high heating and cooling costs is a lack of adequate attic roof insulation. This is especially true in older homes built before industry standards reached their current level. Homeowners who feel they are paying more than they should for energy costs can rely on the insulation experts at First Quality Roofing and Insulation to help.

Our qualified inspectors have the experience and expertise necessary to inspect any attic and evaluate the existing insulation. They can offer affordable solutions guaranteed to increase the efficiency of any home’s heating and cooling system and decrease the costs associated with maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

The inspection process includes determining the R-value of the insulation currently in the home and comparing that to the standard for Las Vegas set by the Department of Energy, which is R-49. Most homes built in the this area before 2000 require additional insulation because the R-value standard was R-11-R-13 from 1950 to late 1970, R-19 for homes built through the late 1980s and R-30 for structures built up until the early 2000s. Higher R-values indicate better thermal performance. Installing additional insulation in older homes will bring the R-value up to where it should be.

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Insulation should be evenly distributed throughout the attic and completely cover the floor joists. Our professional installers use specialized equipment to add premium blown in fiberglass insulation. This is the same material used in glassware and cookware and is produced when molten hot glass is filtered through tiny openings to form thin fibers. Fiberglass maintains its R-value with age and does not retain water. If it does happen to get wet, it will dry out and retain its original R-value.

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