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You may not recognize Angie Hicks by name, but she’s that go-to lady in every American neighborhood who “knows the rub” on every contractor – knowing who specializes in each task, the jobs they’ve performed for your neighbors and what the neighbors have to say.

You trust her advice and judgment because you know she has high standards; her recommendation is the final nudge you need to pick up the phone and call a contractor for service.

It would be an understatement to say that “when Angie talks, people listen.” In fact, the entire country listens because Angie Hicks is better known as the operator of the services marketplace and consumer review site known as Angie’s List.

Given her influence, you can imagine the pride that First Quality Roofing & Insulation is taking in the news that Angie’s List has bestowed its Super Service Award on its team for the fifth year in a row.

“Only about 5 percent of the roofing companies in Las Vegas have performed so consistently well enough to earn our Super Service Award,” said Angie’s List Founder Angie Hicks. “It’s a really high standard.”

Super Service Award requires super customer reviews

When Angie talks about the high standards it applies to the Super Service Award, First Quality listens. She calls it a “leading national honor,” and here’s why: To get Angie’s attention in the first place, a company must accumulate a good number of positive customer reviews. These reviews “let us know which companies provide excellent service,” Angie says.

Customer reviews for the 2020 Super Service Award were gleaned from From these reviews, Angie’s List went to work on narrowing the finalists, selecting only those who:

First Quality Roofing & Insulation was notified that it received the 2020 Super Service Award in January of 2021. You’ll see the gold ribbon displayed on the Angie’s List website, as well as on First Quality’s. As that go-to lady told us, the distinction should give customers “confidence to invest in your services.”

Super Service Award reflects First Quality’s values

Being named an A-rated company by Angie’s List is a huge point of pride for First Quality Roofing & Insulation, especially because the process was initiated by the customer reviews that we work so hard to cultivate every day, based on our commitment to the values we prize most:

First Quality also is proud of the Super Service Award because the people at Angie’s List – and obviously, Angie in particular – share another value. “Home is where our heart is,” she says. First Quality can identify because that’s how we feel about our customers’ homes, too.

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