Energy Efficient Roof

You Can Have An Energy Efficient Roof

Everyone has heard of double-paned windows and insulation that cut down on utility bills, but is it possible to install an energy efficient roof?

Absolutely, according to the professionals at First Quality Roofing & Insulation. An energy efficient roof offers the potential for great savings. By reflecting rather than absorbing the sun’s heat, an energy efficient roof for homes, commercial or industrial buildings will help reduce air conditioning and heating costs just as surely as double-paned windows.

An energy efficient roof need not be expensive. Regular maintenance to ensure your roof has no leaks and shingles that are in good condition is a fundamental way to control energy costs.

Consumption of energy is also affected by how well your property is insulated. An energy efficient roof combined with adequate insulation will reduce energy usage regardless of the age of your home or building.

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How You Can Have a More Energy Efficient Roof

You can also achieve an energy efficient roof by installing these materials:

Placing potted trees and plants on a roof to create shade and absorb the sun’s rays is a relatively simple way to achieve an energy efficient roof. This is known as a “green” roof and is typically done on flat surfaces.

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