HOAs, Your Roof Replacement, and Your Roofing Contractors

Living in a neighborhood that is part of a Home Owners Association has many perks, some of which are the standards in place that ensure all homeowners maintain a presentable community. Unfortunately, this can also lead to a few complications when making necessary repairs on the exterior of your property. The average roof will last longer than a decade, but eventually, an HOA roof replacement may be necessary. 

The roofing contractors at First Quality Roofing & Insulation understand that all HOAs, while similar in some respects, often have specific regulations unique to their communities. According to the bylaws CC&Rs that you agreed to when you purchased your home, you must abide by all current and future rules put in place. Regarding HOA roof replacement or repair, some of these rules or restrictions may dictate:

Your individual HOA rules regarding acceptable roof materials may need to meet certain standards or requirements as well. If you were to have your HOA roof replacement completed by roofing contractors without first getting approval from the board, you may be in violation of your HOA bylaws. 

At First Quality Roofing & Insulation, we recommend that all homeowners have their roofing plans fully approved by the HOA before moving forward with any roof replacement or repairs. We also suggest that homeowners look to local roofing contractors to handle the project rather than a national company. Locally owned and operated roofing companies, such as First Quality Roofing, are often very familiar and up-to-date on their knowledge of each community’s HOA regulations regarding roofs. 

We’ve worked directly with countless HOA homeowners when approaching a roofing replacement or repair project in their community. Our experienced roofing contractors always strive to abide by all current bylaws that impact the roof and surrounding elements to ensure that we comply with every regulation. If you believe that you need an HOA roof replacement or repair, contact our roofing contractors at 702-262-7847 today.

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