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What Consumers Should Know Before Hiring Insulation Contractors

The expert insulation contractors at First Quality Roofing and Insulation want all Las Vegas area homeowners to realize the importance of making sure their home has the proper amount of insulation.

With nearly three-quarters of the energy used to run the average home in the country going to heating and cooling, insulation offers the best first defense against wasting energy.

Fiberglass and cellulose are types of insulation available to consumers. Cellulose is a loose-fill material made out of recycled paper but it requires chemical treatment to resist damage from pests and moisture. Excess moisture adds weight to the material and does permanent damage by causing it to lose its ability to insulate.

The professionals at First Quality Roofing and Insulation recommend premium blown in fiberglass. Many homeowners choose this material for residential applications because it is less expensive than cellulose insulation and easier to install, which helps to further control costs.

Fiberglass resists moisture but unlike cellulose, if it does get wet, it can recover its functionality because as it dries, it expands back to its original width. Blown in fiberglass conforms to any space and works its way into every crack and crevice to create a tight seal to eliminate air leaks.

Let Our Insulation Contractors Teach You About R-Value

The R-value assigned to insulation refers to its level of resistance to heat flow and depends on the type, density and thickness of the material. Materials with higher numbers have greater insulation power. The qualified inspectors at First Quality Roofing and Insulation can evaluate your existing insulation to determine if it meets the standard recommendation for homes in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, which is R49.

The insulation experts at First Quality Roofing and Insulation can help you ensure your home is as energy efficient as it can be regardless of need or budget size. Call the insulation contractors who will do the job right the first time at 702-262-7847.

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