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Rely on Las Vegas Roof Repair to Eliminate Damage Caused by Dry Rot

The Las Vegas roof repair experts at First Quality Roofing & Insulation frequently run into water damage caused by roof leaks. Our region may only receive a little over four inches of rain annually but any amount of moisture penetrating through the roof can lead to the rapid spread of mold, mildew and dry rot.

Dry rot is caused by many species of fungus that feed on wood and other organic building materials. The fungus spores naturally occur in rainwater and the atmosphere. Any leak in the roof can allow the spores to accumulate below the roof’s surface. The fungus survives on wood fibers causing the structure to weaken and become brittle.

As the fungus eats away at the wood, the timbers lose their strength and rigidity. This puts the home at risk, especially if the fungus is feeding on floor joists, rafters, load-bearing beams or ceiling joists. Once the fungus starts to grow, it will never stop until all excess moisture is eliminated from the affected area.

Repairing a roof leak at the first sign of trouble is critical to preserve the structural integrity of the building. Water can also seep into the attic insulation destroying its ability to control heat exchange. Eventually, humidity levels increase inside the home, which can lead to mold and mildew growth and create an unhealthy environment for its occupants.

Our qualified technicians have the experience and skills necessary to identify dry rot, locate leaks and make the proper repairs to prevent any further damage. Our comprehensive roof inspection includes careful examination of all roofing system components, including flashing, rubber boots, storm collars, shingles and downspouts. If repairs are necessary and we do the work, we will deduct our standard inspection fee from your final invoice.

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