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Homeowners Rely on Las Vegas Roofers to Weather the Storm

Las Vegas roofers, including the professionals at First Quality Roofing and Insulation, are all too familiar with high winds and the damage they can do to residential structures. The desert valley is no stranger to violent wind storms and the potential for roof damage is always present. This is why it is so important for area homeowners to inspect their roof for damage after any violent wind event.

Wind damage to the roof is either direct or indirect. Direct damage occurs when the high winds themselves damage, displace or blow away roofing materials during a storm. Roofing materials, including fasteners, deteriorate and corrode over time. Inferior materials deteriorate faster and are less able to withstand high winds. Any failure leaves the structure vulnerable to further damage.

Indirect damage occurs when objects blown around by the wind collide with the roof and cause damage. Tree limbs, roofing material from another area of the building, gravel and even lawn furniture can fly through the air and rip a hole in the roof. Tile and other brittle materials are more likely to sustain indirect damage.

Call Las Vegas Roofers to Inspect Your Roof After Strong Winds

Wind damage is not always visible from the ground. What may look like a couple damaged shingles could actually be far more serious. After a severe wind storm property owners can protect their investment by hiring a qualified roofing contractor to conduct a comprehensive roof inspection.

Small leaks grow into big leaks if left unattended and any water leak can cause interior damage. A roofing professional possesses the tools, skills and experience necessary to assess any damage and make recommendations for replacement or repairs.

The typical inspection will reveal cracks, missing or loose shingles, holes, dry rot and any other issues that might compromise the integrity of the roof. Property owners who believe their roof has sustained damage in a storm can call the professional Las Vegas roofers at First Quality Roofing and Insulation at 702-262-7847 to schedule an inspection.

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