Roof Certification in Las Vegas

Roof Certification in Las Vegas

Roof certification in Las Vegas is becoming more common with residential and commercial properties due to the extreme conditions that can stress your roof system. Roof certification of your Las Vegas property is an insurance policy for the next two years.

17 Point Inspection and Roof Certification Package for Your Las Vegas Property

It is possible to have roof damage without even knowing it. We will evaluate your roof’s condition and offer you a two-year roof certification as one of our options. Our 17 point inspection includes roof shingles, wall flashings, rubber pipe boots, gutters, eves, attic ventilation and insulation R-value. The inspection is $389 and gives you the following options:

• A roof certification for $350 that protects you against any risk over the next 2 years.

• If repairs are required, we put that $389 towards whatever work needs to be completed.

If your roof does need repair or replacement, you have the comfort of working with one of the only Las Vegas roof contractors that is a GAF Master Elite Contractor. We offer outstanding service and up to 50-year warranties on material and installation and roof certifications for two years.

If your roof has not been checked by a professional in a long time, now is the time to consider an inspection and roof certification. First Quality Roofing & Insulation is giving home and business owners peace of mind knowing that their attic, roof and insulation have been checked out by the experts.

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