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First Quality Roofing and Insulation is the clear choice when it comes to reliable roof inspection in Las Vegas that homeowners can count on.

As the first defense against the elements, the roof of any house takes a beating. Homeowners in Las Vegas usually do not have to worry about snow in the winter but unrelenting sunshine during the summer, violent windstorms and the occasional downpour will take their toll over time. Any of these weather events can damage materials and cause the roof to spring a leak.

Periodic roof inspections by the experts at First Quality Roofing offer the most effective way to identify problems before they get out of hand. Early detection of deterioration can save homeowners thousands of dollars in expensive repairs or replacement.

We Offer a 17 Point Roof Inspection

Our inspectors are trained to examine every inch of the roof, paying special attention to those areas that are the most vulnerable to damage. Our standard 17-point roof inspection includes checking the shingles for loose or damaged material and the presence of proper shingle overhangs at eaves and gutters. The inspector will make sure all storm collars and shingles are sealed tight to prevent water from getting in. The inspection fee also covers examining valleys for cracks, making sure no debris is blocking downspouts or gutters and checking valleys for signs of cracking.

The inspection fee also includes a close examination of the attic for dry rot or other signs of moisture. The inspector will verify the attic has ample ventilation and check the intake vents for cracks, holes or blockages. Checking the attic insulation for the proper R-value will verify there is enough to insulate the home properly.

Our inspectors will provide an accurate report following their examination so the homeowner knows what, if any, repairs are necessary to prevent problems in the future. If the homeowner contracts with us to make those repairs, we will apply the inspection fee toward that work.

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