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Winter is coming and homeowners need to be prepared. While Las Vegas rarely receives snow, this season often brings long, drizzly rains across the valley. If your roof has sustained damage over the years, you’ll soon notice leaks appearing on your ceiling. Experts recommend that all homeowners have a winter roof inspection completed as soon as possible. By having your roof professionally evaluated, maintained and repaired, your home will be prepared for whatever the weather brings.

Winter Weather & Roof Damage 

The average monthly precipitation in Las Vegas increases to its highest levels during the winter months. The rains begin to rise in October and rarely subside until March. With January and February receiving the most significant amount of rainfall, it’s important that homeowners don’t wait until the spring to have their roofs inspected for damage. In fact, the National Roofing Contractors Association actually suggests that homeowners have their roofs inspected once in the fall and once in the spring. Since our winter rains don’t climb to high levels until the new year, it’s wise to have your inspection completed by December at the latest. 

There are many interior and exterior signs of roof damage that homeowners can spot themselves, including:

Keep in mind that shingles can display a variety of damages that should all be considered serious. Some may buckle, break or blister while others will peel, warp or rot. Small granules found in your gutters can also be a sign of shingle deterioration. Any of these damages could cause gaps for water to penetrate the roof. Not only can water lead to leaks, but it can also allow mold and the breaking down of structural materials, which allows animals to get into your home. 

First Quality Winter Roof Inspection

Thankfully, a quick and thorough roof inspection completed by a trained professional can identify and repair problem areas on your roof before they develop into costly damages. When you allow a First Quality technician to assess your roof, you get peace of mind knowing that our 14-point inspection leaves no area of the roof unexamined. We inspect everything, including:

Homeowners can instantly schedule our 14-point roof inspection with one of our experienced technicians by calling First Quality Roofing & Insulation. In the event that we find significant damage, we can quickly repair any minor damages or, in cases of heavy damage, replace your roof to secure your home for years to come. Don’t wait until you spot a leak to have your roof inspected. Contact us today to schedule your roof inspection.

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