Using Attic Insulation to Reduce Energy Bills in Winter

Get Your Attic Insulation Checked This Winter

It’s no secret that homeowners often use more electricity during the colder months. As the temperature drops and the sun sets earlier in the evening, we tend to rely on our heating systems and lights to keep us cozy at home. This coziness encourages us to stay in more, especially when we choose to entertain for the holidays. Our holiday decorations also often use a significant amount of energy.

Though those reasons may seem obvious, many homeowners don’t realize that they may be increasing their energy usage due to other influences. For instance, inadequate attic insulation and unrestricted airflow allows for heat to escape your home, causing your heater to work harder to warm your house. Another reason you may experience increased energy bills can be the result of under-performing or inefficient appliances.

How to Reduce Your Energy Bills in the Winter

Insulate Your Attic 
Maintaining adequate attic insulation is key during the winter. An under-insulated attic can cause your home to constantly lose heat. By installing superior quality attic insulation, you can lower your energy bills throughout the year and keep your home cozy all winter long. 

Seal Air Leaks
The attic, basement, windows, doors, and even electrical sockets and ventilation systems may have cracks or holes that let air move around your home. Seal these areas to restrict airflow and keep your heat indoors. An insulation expert can assist with this also, as they will perform an inspection to locate and seal these areas.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat
A programmable or smart thermostat can learn your heating habits and reduce usage automatically when you’re not home. You can also manually turn your heater off and on, saving money when you leave the home and turning it back on right before you arrive.

Warm Your Home with the Sun
Another way to regulate your HVAC usage is to use the sun to heat your home. Leave your blinds and curtains open throughout the day so the natural light can pass through your windows and warm your interior.

Get Your HVAC System Checked 
The fall is a great time to get your annual HVAC checkup completed. A tune-up, inspection and necessary maintenance can ensure that your HVAC system and filters are ready to work optimally throughout the winter.

Use Holiday Decorations with LED Lights 
You may want your holiday decorations to be visible from space, but you definitely don’t want your energy bill to be astronomical. Purchase holiday lights that have energy-efficient LED bulbs. Not only will they keep your energy bill low, but they’ll also produce a crystal clear, dazzling bright light.

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